Cognition in Clinical & Ageing Populations

Much of our work has focussed on basic questions on cognitive psychology. More recently, we have shifted our attention (pun intended!) to applying the knowledge gained from this basic research towards clinical and applied questions. To date, we have conducted research on cognition in Healthy Ageing (Grange & Becker, 2019), depression (Grange, under review; Grange & Rydon-Grange, 2020), and Parkinson’s Disease (Martini et al., 2018).

Much of the clinical and applied work we conduct utilises computational modelling to quantify (potential) disruption to latent cognitive processes in clinical populations. We believe that the utilisation of computational modelling provides unique insights into clinical profiles beyond that which can be gleaned via behavioural methods alone.

Representative Publications

  • Grange, J.A. (under review). Computational modelling of the speed–accuracy tradeoff: No evidence for an association with depression symptomatology. (Link to preprint)

  • Grange, J.A. * Rydon-Grange, M. (2020). Computational modelling of attentional selectivity in depression reveals perceptual deficits. Psychological Medicine, in press.(Link)

  • Grange, J.A., & Becker, R. (2019). The effect of aging on response congruency in task switching. Journals of Gerentology Series B: Psychological Sciences & Social Sciences, 74, 389–396. (Link)

  • Martini, A., Ellis, S.J., Grange, J.A., Tamburin, S., Dal Lago, D., Vianello, G., & Edelstyn, N.M.J. (2018). Risky decision-making and affective features of impulse control disorder in Parkinson’s disease. Journal of Neural Transmission, 125, 131-143. (Link)

  • Stephens, R., Holloway, K., Grange, J.A., Jones, K., & Owen, L. (2017). Does familial risk for alcohol use disorder predict alcohol hangover? Psychopharmacology, 234, 1795-1802. (Link)

  • Edelstyn, N.M.J., Grange, J.A., Ellis, S.J., & Mayes, A.M. (2016). A deficit in familiarity-driven recognition in a right-sided mediodorsal thalamic lesion patient. Neuropsychology, 30, 213-214. (Link)